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Letters of Recommendation..

St Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Multi-purpose Building
Architect: API Group, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

“Re: St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church -Multi-purpose Building
1545 Lyons Road Delray Beach, FL 33446

Dear Paul,

As we near completion of the construction, I wanted to write to compliment you on a job well done. It has been a pleasure working with you. Through-out the construction, you demonstrated your commitment to providing a quality product for your client, paying attention to detail while coordinating all aspects of the work. Again, thanks for a beautifully constructed building; I would not hesitate to recommend you for future projects.

With Kindest Regards,

Dale Meaux, Architect – NCARB
API Group, Inc. “

A.J. Jabbour, Riverside Hotel

“Dear Mr. Elwell:

I wanted to take a moment to commend you and your staff on the renovation project that was completed in an extremely timely and professional manner with very little disruption to our business.

Major construction in the hospitality/hotel business could be detrimental to daily operations. This was not the case here. The great attention to detail by Paul Houlihan and his crew, under Paul’s leadership, was nothing less then superior. The crew’s workspace was always clean and organized and protected from the public as we were at full occupancy much of the time. Paul’s attention to detail in every aspect was very much appreciated.

The main scope of the job was renovation of 100 rooms in the traditional section of the hotel and the complete renovation of the lobby, which included the addition of a business center and a new front office. The room renovation was a difficult and challenging undertaking as this section was originally built in the mid 1930’s with solid concrete for walls.

I also want to mention the high level of integrity exhibited by your company, specifically the accounting department that protected the interests of The Riverside Hotel.

Because of the great workmanship, reliability, and professionalism of your staff, your company was our first choice for the installation of hurricane impact windows in each of the 100 rooms in the traditional wing of the hotel.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the assistance provided to our engineering/maintenance departments in securing the building during hurricane Wilma and for all the help with the clean up after the hurricane. It was above and beyond the scope of your responsibility.

It’s been a pleasure completing our renovation with such knowledgeable associates as we have done with your firm. I would highly recommend Elwell Construction to any entity, in any industry, because of the quality of craftsmanship and your extremely professional staff.”

Ramsey Dabby, Director of Construction, The Hertz Corporation:

“Dear Ed:

With all the day to day pressures, there never seems to be a moment to stop and reflect upon accomplishments. Having reached a major milestone in Miami, with our final phase move-in last week, I would like to pause for a moment.

John R. Elwell Construction and Hertz have been working together for about 10 years, with the last 2 years in Florida probably being the most intensive construction period in Hertz history. Because of the complex scheduling and phasing, the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami projects, which you built, have been 2 of the most challenging projects that Hertz has ever done.

You and I have worked closely together over the past 2 years and although you have probably gotten more than your fill of me, I have been able to see, in a myriad of ways, the exceptional effort that you and your people routinely do.

JRE has taken these two extremely difficult projects, and has completed them in a thoroughly professional manner. Working with our local Operations staff and/or me in Park Ridge, you have not only established a credible relationship with each of us, but have bridged the gap to help resolve difficulties internal to Hertz. At times JRE, has performed not only as General Contractor but, when needed, as designer and owner, always making decisions with Hertz’ best interest in mind.

While the recent accomplishments are still fresh, and before we get immersed in other issues and new projects, I want to take this moment to express my appreciation to the John R. Elwell Construction Company – Paul, Mark, Dave, Melanie, Linda, Willie and you – for the exceptional work that you have done for Hertz.

I wish JRE continued well-earned success, and look forward to many future projects together. Thank you again for a job well done. “

Jay Carlyn, Branch Manager, The Hertz Corporation:

“I would like to take this time to thank your company for doing a fine job in the Hertz/Miami/9203 Renovation Project. It is good to see that there are companies like yourselves that go the extra distance to satisfy a customer. Many companies would do only what the plan calls for and not anymore whether right or wrong. Again, it takes a special company to look past the blue prints and make the necessary changes to help benefit the customer. “

Steven Tracey, President, Crawford Tracey Corporation:

“It is my pleasure to submit this recommendation on behalf of Mr. Edwin Elwell. I have personally known and worked with Ed for more than twenty years.

Over these years we have worked on many projects with Elwell Construction under Ed’s management and supervision. We have found Ed to possess the knowledge, ability and moral character to own and operate one of the few finest full service construction companies that we have had the pleasure of working with.

It is based on this association and proven success that I can recommend Elwell Construction for any construction related venture that Ed Elwell would agree to undertake.”

Ramsey Dabby, Director of Construction, The Hertz Corporation:

“This is a Letter of Reference for the John R. Elwell Construction Company. Elwell Construction has successfully performed work for The Hertz Corporation over the past 10 years on projects ranging in size from $50,000 to 2,000,000. I have personally worked with Mr. Edwin Elwell on most of these projects and have found him and his construction firm to be one of the finest contractors with whom I have worked. Ed is personally involved with all his Hertz projects and is an active participant in value engineering the best possible project at the lowest possible price. His firm is service oriented, and Ed will go the extra mile to assure a satisfied client.

I would confidently recommend Elwell Construction to potential clients.”

W. Meade Collinsworth; CPCU, ARM, AIM, AAI;
Collinsworth, Alter, Nielson, Fowler & Dowling, Inc.:

“I want to give you my background with the captioned firm. If I am not mistaken, I have been associated with this particular construction firm for at least twenty-five (25) years. In fact, I worked with Ed Elwell’s Dad while he was in college and before he was ever in the construction firm on a full-time basis.

I can absolutely assure you that this is what I would consider a “cr�me de le creme” type firm. I have always been amazed at Ed Elwell’s desire to give his client a quality product at all times but within the requisite budget constraints.

Another quality that has always impressed me is the fact that he can handle the volume of work and the type of work that he does with such a few number of people. Obviously this mandates that Ed Elwell wear many hats in order to accomplish that which only larger firms do through numerous other specialized personnel. He has the essential formal training and ability to accomplish the required construction goals due to his vast knowledge of the construction industry.

Ed Elwell has always been a hard working, honest and responsive insured to me and I absolutely have no qualms about his work, ethics or anything else based on my past (at least ) fifteen(15) years of working with him exclusively. In fact, I no longer think of John R. Elwell Construction as the father but as Ed Elwell who has turned this firm into an art form because of the type and quality of work that he provides. I have referred clients to Ed Elwell on several occasions and I have never had any client say anything other than Ed Elwell does great work and is very responsive to their needs.

I believe this is accomplished because of the control and small work force that Ed Elwell has and the fact that he is willing to do that which many other people can’t or won’t do at other construction firms.”

Charles J. Nielson; Collinsworth, Alter, Nielson, Fowler & Dowling, Inc.:

“Be advised that we have been the bonding agents at various periods of time over the last (20) years for the captioned corporation. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr.. John R. Elwell when he was administering the affairs of the company and for the last number of years have had the opportunity to work with and provide the bonds for Edwin C. Elwell as the proprietor and owner of John R. Elwell Construction Company.

Since I have known this company, they have had an excellent reputation and have been an important part of the construction economy in Broward County. The success of John R. Elwell Construction Company under the administration of Edwin C. Elwell has been the result of Mr.. Elwell’s educated background and his over-all knowledge of the construction industry. Additionally, Mr.. Elwell’s work ethic has resulted in substantial growth and financial success for John R. Elwell Construction Company. Eddie’s personal reputation and reputation of his company have been without blemish to the best of my knowledge. We have never had a complaint from an owner, subcontractor or material supplier on any job he has bonded.

I have the highest respect for Eddie Elwell as a contractor and as an individual and could recommend his services without reservation. “

J. Philip Schnorr, Dixie Metal Products, Inc.:

“It is my pleasure to write regarding Mr. Edwin Elwell’s background and experience in the construction industry.

I know of no one else that has the depth and breadth of knowledge in the general contracting business. Mr. Elwell’s education and background has been focused on a career in general contracting. Ed has grown up in a family business working summers and vacations on construction jobsites. His education as a civil engineer is central to a contractor.

Mr. Elwell possesses a broad range of knowledge of the various trades from Masonry, Concrete and Steel Construction to H.V.A.C.and Electrical Systems. He is not only familiar with these crafts – he has in many cases had hands on experience in dealing with materials as varied as 10 gage reinforcing mesh to 16 gage insulated wire.

As for being in charge of a contracting business one must also be a owner, entrepreneur and accountant. Marketing, sales contacts and customer relations are all vital in the successful management of any business. Edwin is also knowledgeable with everything from contract negotiations to bookkeeping such as payables and receivables.

Having known Mr. Elwell for over 20 years I have found him to be not only prompt and diligent but more importantly honest and true to his word. I would be confident in recommending him in any regard.

I thank you for your time and attention.”

Fred Hubbard, Building Manager, Sun-Sentinel:

“I have known and been professionally associated with John R. Elwell Construction Company since the mid-seventies. John Elwell was the contractor for office and production additions as well as many renovations at the Sun-Sentinel during the past twenty years. Their work has proven satisfactory and they have received repeat work from us.

Ed Elwell has worked for his father on many projects at the Sun-Sentinel throughout his youth, first as a laborer and later as a supervisor. He has learned and become proficient in their business from the bottom up. My observations were that he was a hard worker learning by experiencing the everyday situations that a contractor must contend with. John Elwell retired in the early 80’s and Ed purchased the business from his father.

As president of John R. Elwell Construction , Ed Elwell has been an involved principal. He operates with a lean staff and directly does the marketing, estimating, material purchases and field supervision. I would describe him as a “hands on” person who gets the job done.

We have found his work to be satisfactory, his pricing competitive and his company responsive to our needs.”

Janet F. McLachlan, Director of Facilities, Law Offices of Dykema Gossett:

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased I was with the job done on our new space in the Sun-Sentinel Building by your construction company.

You, Randy and Gregg were great to work with and your subcontractors also did a very good and professional job.

As you know, it’s always hard for me to rely on a general contractor that I don’t know and feel that they use subs that are reliable and good at performing their respective tasks. I have had some bad luck with the unknown. I would not hesitate to be much more trusting with Elwell Construction the next time around.

I thought we (including Chris Sautter) were a great team.”

Fred W. Schlotterifin, Senior Vice President, Robert Reid Wedding:

“Dear Ed,

I am writing this letter to you and your staff to let you know how impressed I am with Elwell Construction, especially with the ability and performance of Gary Cagle and Randy Mallison.

It is truly a pleasure for me to visit the Value Rent-A-Car projects and witness the superior workmanship and management.

I can truly say that in my 36 years in this business I have not seen quality any better.

My congratulations to you and all of your staff.”

Richard P. Harff, Plant Manager, Guardian Industries:

“Dear Ed,

Just a short note to formally thank you for the job well done on our recently completed building addition. The entire job, from planning through completion, was done efficiently, quickly and was of superior quality and workmanship. Your interest in doing the job right was noticed and appreciated.

The performance of Bill Lake as job superintendant was exceptional; he is a credit to your organization.

Please feel free to use Guardian Industries as a reference in the future and please call me if I can be of any assistance to you in any way.

Best wishes for your continued success.”

Steven A. Spear, Spear, Deuschle & Curran, P.A. Law Offices:

“Dear John;

Enclosed is the above-referenced contract which I am forwarding to you the same having been executed by Jim Cooper. Both Jim and I feel that you are the only contractor we would deal with on open-end basis. However, here it goes.”

Bill McMillan, Pine Crest School:

“Dear John;

Thanks very much for your gift of an electrical typewriter which I understand will be utilized to serve the needs of our Lower School. We are very pleased to benefit from your generous interest in Pine Crest School.

Of course, as we look around our campus we see many different buildings which were built by your construction firm and we have always been very gratified with the quality of the construction that you did for us. It was always evident that you had a pride of craftsmanship which was transmitted on to the people who worked for you. We have never had any significant problems in the operation of the facilities that you built for us (which we could not say for some of our other facilities that were built before or since).

It was gratifying to have this gift of an electrical typewriter and it called to my mind the pleasant professional relationship that we had with you and your construction firm in past years.”

Walter C. Howard, Landmark First National Bank:

“Dear John;

I wanted to express my personal appreciation to you and your company for the truly efficient and professional manner in which it was handled.

It has been a very pleasant experience for us to have worked with you and look forward to the opportunity again in the very near future. “

Edward R. Valente Sr., Staff Engineer, United Airlines:

“Dear John;

Although I have not inspected the new offices, I understand that their appearance is excellent. I would like to personally thank you for your excellent performance. It has been a pleasure dealing with your firm.”

Jim McGuire, Executive Director, Ann Stork Center:

Please be advised that the Ann Stork Center Inc. and John R. Elwell Construction Co. Inc. have maintained a business relationship for over ten years. The Center is a non-profit community service for children and young adults who are developmentally and multiply disabled. As a service provider for over 200 people on a daily basis, the Center’s main campus involves over 37,000 square feet of living and learning space. John R. Elwell Construction is responsible for constructing over 27,000 square feet of the 37,000 square feet campus.

As a charity and a human service provider responsible for meeting hospital standard life safety codes, the Ann Stork Center is privileged to be associated with John R. Elwell Construction. Ed Elwell as the CEO and owner of John R. Elwell Construction was personally responsible and integrally involved in the two major construction projects at the Center over the past ten years. Ed Elwell, as the project manager for the initial project involving 25,000 square feet of residential and ancillary service construction, not only completed the project in less than six months but also performed within the pressing deadline which required the Center to provide residential services by October 1, of 1984. In order to avoid the dilemma of providing services without funding for every day beyond October 1, 1994, the Center had to establish occupancy in the new facility by October 1, 1994.

The Center received its Certificate of Occupancy and appropriate license on September 28, 1984 and was able to occupy the residency that evening. The catalyst of this essential accomplishment was Ed Elwell’s direct involvement and timely interventions. Ed and his staff were on the job until 4 a.m. six to seven days a week for the last three to four weeks of the project. Ed managed the project through his on site presence and his facilitation of every key inspection. He was often in the attics of the respective buildings with the State Architect inspecting firewalls in summer July and August mid-day heat. The result of this commitment was timely approvals and successful inspections which facilitated the goal of an October 1 occupancy.

The most recent project involved an expansion of the Center’s Preschool. This project was funded by donations and fund raising proceeds which provided the constraints of zero possibility of any excess expense Ed Elwell’s understanding of the nature of the project and its limited funding base led to his involvement with the Architect as he was preparing the design. Ed’s input into the design phase provided for a cost effective and yet attractive physical facility. As always Ed’s personal involvement continued into the construction phase with his standard on-site management of the project. His flexibility and responsiveness allowed for the Center to solicit and utilize donated services and materials without adversely impacting upon the construction schedule. The ultimate statement of Ed Elwell’s trademark of personal involvement was that the project was on time and came in at 5,000 dollars less than the contracted agreement.

John R. Elwell Construction is Ed Elwell and his “hands on” personal involvement which, in the experience of the Ann Stork Center, has produced quality physical structures in a timely and cost effective manner. I highly recommend John R. Elwell Construction because of Ed Elwell’s personal commitment and standards of quality and efficiency.

Beyond business Ed Elwell and his family demonstrate exceptional generosity and kindness. The Elwells have been among the most significant benefactors of the Ann Stork Center. Their concern and caring has resulted in a better way of life for the children and young adults of the Ann Stork Center.

James L. Cooper, Selkirk:

“Dear John;

I would be remiss, as we close this chapter on the year 1979, if I did not pause and offer my sincere congratulations for an outstanding job that you did on converting the old, dilapidated Coke Building into our corporate headquarters. We think we have made a contribution to the downtown Fort Lauderdale area; and we look with pride at the completed project. I know as we approach the project in Hallandale, that the final outcome will be equally as pleasing.

Again, my personal thanks for a job well done. Wishing you the very best in the upcoming 80’s.